Monday, June 26, 2006

Men's Ex Officio Boxers Review

I think I have fallen in love with my boxers. The Men's Ex Officio Boxers are the most comfortable boxer on the planet!

Why I Love My Boxers
  1. When I wear my Ex Officio Boxers it feels like I am not wearing anything.
  2. The material is the sofest, most comfortable fabric that I have ever felt.
  3. The waist band is not too tight, but fits snugly.
  4. They dry faster than my rain jacket.
  5. After several days of continous wear, Ex Officio Boxers still smell acceptable.
  6. The color schemes are plain and simple. They don't stand out but they still look good.
  7. Seams are correctly placed and do not irratate.

If they weren't so expensive ($24 a pair), I think they would be all I would wear!!

Under Armor Heat Gear Loose Full T-Shirt

The Under Armor Heat Gear Loose Full T-shirt is probably one of the most warn garments of clothing in my outdoor gear collection. It is perfect for nearly every outdoor adventure. I'll wear it running just as soon as I'd don it while backpacking. Here are some of the features I like about it.


  • Seams- Are right above the shoulders of the shirt. However, they are so comfortable that there is 0 irritation while backpacking.
  • Wicking- Amazing wicking properties suck the sweat right off of your skin.
  • Durability- I have had this shirt for 4 years and it's still in one piece.
  • Sizing-Gives you full room to move around. Does not sacrifice maneuverability.
  • Lack of Warmth- Perfect weight for summer conditions.


  • Very few, all around great shirt.
  • Not as cheap as cotton.

Perfect shirt for nearly anyone. Please post a flaw if you know of one because I'm hard pressed to find one.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mountain Hardwear Switch 20 Sleeping Bag Review

Mountain Hardwear's Switch 20 degree sleeping bag is by far the most comfortable, durable, pack efficient bag I have ever slept in. For those who highly value a good nights sleep in the outdoors: This is the bag for you! For starters, the shoulder girth of 62 inches is very roomy. However, you can add an extra 8 inches with Mountain Hardwear's Quantum expander, giving you a grand total of an outrageous 70 in shoulder girth.
The question you might ask is, "Is this wide sleeping bag thermal efficienct?"
The answer is yes! With the Quantum expander you can adjust the the width of the bag and therefore the thermal efficiency.
However, their is a downside. You are paying for this extra comfort with weight. The bag isn't lightweight but it isn't heavy. Mountain Hardwear has chosen a pretty awesome happymedium but it isn't for everyone.

  • Very Comfortable
  • Warm down to about 20-25 degrees
  • Compacts very nicely
  • Great bang for the Buck (I got mine for $150)
  • Cool Factor (Quantum expander is tre cool)
  • Very durable
  • Weight (slightly on the heavy side)
Perfect bag for someone who can't stand small bags and puts a high value on sleep.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Petzl Zipka Plus Review


Petzl is a very reputable brand in the headlamp market, sporting headlamps for everything from spelunking to backpacking. The Petzl Zipka Plus packs a large punch for such a small sized body, utilizing 3 AAA batteries and 4 LEDs to the max. Petzl boasts 150 hours of light and up to 32 m in distance. Throughout my testing I have found this headlamp to live up to Petzl's expectations. However, as with any headlamp, the brightness fades the longer you use it, meaning that you may have to replace batteries at 75 hrs instead of 150. However, I have used this in all my backpacking adventures and even keep it by my bed at night because I love it so much.


  • Outstanding battery life
  • Maximum, Optimum, Economic, and Strobe modes conserve battery life based on need
  • Small size and weight is perfect for backpacking
  • Concealable head strap is cool looking and works great.


  • The concealable head strap can easily be tangled up in long hair. Those with long hair should stick with the Tikka Plus.
  • Not designed for helmet use or caving.

Great minimalist's headlamp for most backpackers and campers. Saves weight without cutting features. Great buy!

Kelty Trekker 3950 Review

This is a classic external frame backpack. It is perfect for Boy Scouts and anyone interested in starting or trying backpacking for several reasons.

  1. Forgiveness- This pack will not destroy your back or your day if packed incorrectly.
  2. Flexibility- As with most external frame backpacks, you can attach anything to the frame making the pack highly versatile. I usually attached my sleeping bag to the bottom part of the frame.
  3. Size- Perfect size for recreational backpacking. Not to large or too small. It will teach you to pack smartly and not over pack.
  4. Comfort- For an external frame pack, I found the Kelty Trekker 3950 to be very comfortable, even on very long trips covering many miles over many days.
  5. Adjustability- Uber adjustable for the growing kid.

However, this pack is not perfect for everyone for the following reasons.

  1. Size- For extended winter trips, this pack may be a little small.
  2. Comfort- For loads above 50 lbs, you may want a more comfortable internal frame pack.
  3. Weatherproofness- This pack is not waterproof. You will need to invest in pack cover to keep your stuff dry.

Bottom line: Great pack for the beginner and the Boy Scout. I used it for 4+ years without any major trouble. Highly recommended.


Welcome to my camping supply gear review blog. In the coming months, I will add reviews for all my backpacking and camping gear. Stay tuned for some sweet reviews.